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At Marcus Motors we provide a full range of diagnostic, servicing and mechanical repairs for your vehicle.


CV Boots and Joints

CV boots protect your constant velocity joints which are an important part of your drive line. If the boot splits it can damage the CV joint and these will need to be replaced.

Cam Belts

Cam belts drive the cam shafts, which in turn allow air and fuel into the engine. If these belts break the result can be extensive engine damage. We will advise you when manufacturers recommend these belts be changed and can provide you with a competitive obligation free quote.

Mechanical Repairs

Even the smallest problems can cause your car to stop working. We handle all repairs from the smallest jobs to full engine rebuilds. We pride ourselves on getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Brakes / Shock Absorbers

Not only are these parts essential to the safety of your driving, if they start to fail they can also impair the car's performance. We will check your brakes at each service and advise if any replacement parts are needed.

Air Conditioning

All new vehicles now come with air conditioning as a standard option. We carry out all  servicing & repairs on air-conditioning systems, including finding leaks and regassing.

Radiators & Cooling System

The job of your radiator is to keep coolant flowing throughout your engine. If there’s a block or a leak, your engine can quickly overheat and cause serious engine damage. We will check your coolant system each time you book your car in for a service.

Exhaust Systems

An underperforming exhaust system will result in reduced efficiency and can lead to other problems for your car. Come in for a check and discuss your concerns with our team today.

Gearbox and Transmission repairs

Whether your transmission or gearbox needs maintenance, servicing, repairs or replacement we can assist with all of your needs.


Water Pumps

Your car’s water pump is the heart of your car’s cooling system. It continuously circulates coolant. We recommend these units are changed at the same time the cambelt is replaced.

Engine Diagnostics

Today, most cars are controlled by complex computers that manage your engine functions, performance and comfort. In the latest model cars there can be up to 100 computers, this is a specialised area. We have the latest equipment and expertise to diagnose any malfunctions.

Batteries/ Alternators /Starter Motors

We can test and check your charging system to ensure your car starts first time. We stock batteries for most makes and models.

Tyres / Balancing and Alignments

We can help you with a full range of tyres dependant on your budget and your requirements. We can align your wheels to ensure no rapid or uneven tyre wear and balance your wheels to stop the vibrations.